Credit: Instagram @avicii

Just under 12 months ago, Tim Bergling better known as Avicii tragically passed as he took his own life following years of deteriorating mental health. Shaking the industry he grew to prominence in, his legacy will continue to live on as new music is launched with a special posthumous album set to drop in June. This week however, his family released new single ‘SOS’ and featuring singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc, it’s an emotional tribute to not only his career but the struggles he experienced before his death.

Served as a prelude to posthumous, Tim, the incoming album has been described as “a collection of nearly finished songs, along with notes, email conversations and text messages”. Known for his past hits including ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Hey Brother’, its hard not to feel emotional as we revisit the pop-infused sounds he is so famously known for.

According to a statement released by the family of Avicii: “The songwriters that Tim was collaborating with on this album have continued the process to get as close to his vision as possible. Since Tim’s passing, the family decided not to keep the music locked away – instead they wanted to share it with his fans all around the world.”

Quintessential to the music the award-winning producer has released in years gone by, ‘SOS’ provides a dance-worthy beat and uplifting sound while its deeper meaning provides a rather sad disparity. With lyrics like, “Can you hear me? S.O.S., Help me put my mind to rest” and “I get robbed of all my sleep, As my thoughts begin to bleed”, its a brief look into the thoughts of the late star.

“I feel like SOS was a song that was probably ahead of its time for when he wrote it,” Aloe Blacc said in his own statement. “He wrote these lyrics obviously about some of his battles and I think it’s a really important topic to approach and to share, especially with his visibility and his access to ears and hearts. To give people the words to be able to say ’I need help.’”

Often appearing in the Forbes Top 5 Highest Paid DJ’s as well as the Billboard charts for his music, in 2016 Bergling retired from live performances citing health reasons. If anything, the new work set to appear in the posthumous album, Tim, will serve as an important reminder of not only his talent but how we all need to speak up in times of trouble.

Tune into the song below, that is accompanied by heartfelt messages from fans.