Bad Bunny, Pedro Pascal, Saturday Night Live

Bad Bunny’s inaugural Saturday Night Live takeover was nothing short of a Hollywood blockbuster. The multi-talented Puerto Rican rapper, known as Benito Martínez Ocasio, stepped into the dual role of host and musical guest, accompanied by a star-studded lineup, including the internet’s favourite hot daddy Pedro Pascal.

As the spotlight shone on Bad Bunny, he decided to address the linguistic elephant in the room – English not being his native tongue. He confidently proclaimed his universal versatility, asserting he could “do whatever he wants.” Host in English? Check. Order fast food in English? Check. Get romantic in English? Absolutely! However, he cheekily admitted, “But, let’s be honest, Spanish just oozes sexiness.”

Unfazed by convention, Bad Bunny unleashed his monologue in Spanish, which SNL spiced up with subtitles reading “Speaking in Non-English,” playfully reminiscent of those Grammy subtitles.

In a moment of playful confusion, Bad Bunny summoned his buddy Pascal, a seasoned SNL host. Pascal shared some pearls of wisdom, including the art of self-deprecating humour and revealing embarrassing photos. A mischievous Bad Bunny decided to go all out, sharing an incredibly revealing snapshot, leading to uproarious laughter. Pascal innocently asked, “Why’s that embarrassing?” To which Bad Bunny chuckled, “Because I forgot to get dressed!”

The ‘SNL’ episode had more aces up its sleeve, with Mick Jagger making a surprise appearance in one of the early sketches. Bad Bunny and his co-star Marcello Hernández played telenovela actors grappling with an actress who couldn’t parlez-vous español. Jagger, a telenovela star in the skit, brilliantly mirrored the confusion surrounding the casting of a non-Spanish speaker.

Lady Gaga, fresh from filming Joker: Folie à Deux with Joaquin Phoenix, joined the party to introduce Bad Bunny’s musical performance in fluent Spanish. The Oscar winner was then spotted at the real show, the afterparty, partying Bad Bunny and current paramour, Kendall Jenner.