Why are you, a grown man, still suffering dandruff when there are very easy ways of treating it? There’s no reason for men to be walking around in the year of our Lord 2023 looking like a personal snow storm is happening around his head.

True, there are some extenuating circumstances that can often make it hard to control. But for the most part, and most men, it’s a simple matter of taking care of your scalp the same way you take care of your body at the gym.

Especially if you go to the gym. Sweat and oil, and the bacteria that feeds off these things, can build up and cause seborrhoeic dermatitis, aka dandruff. And not just dandruff, either.  Hair loss, oily hair and general sensitivity are all linked to a poor regime of scalp care.

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Olivia Toohey, brand manager for Italian haircare brand Davines, says that you should look at haircare the same way you look at your skincare. “Often people do not give their scalp care the same attention as they do their skincare, while majority of hair concern are directly linked to your scalp health.

“Whether you are dealing with oiliness, dandruff, hair loss or sensitivity, these are all usually indicators that you have an impaired or weakened skin barrier on your scalp.”

This means investing in a shampoo and a conditioner that target specific concerns. No more 5-in-1 bottles of detergent that claim you can do everything from clean a car to brush your teeth with.

“Like skincare, it is crucial to use products which a targeted at treating your specific concerns, to improve your overall hair and scalp health, and realising products, ingredients or environmental factors which might be exacerbating these issues.”

To begin, invest in a shampoo and conditioner that contain active ingredients that target dry scalps while still nourishing the hair follicle. Australian brand Rein has one of the best anti-dandruff duos on the market today and additionally smells great and looks good in the bathroom. Which shouldn’t be as important as it is, but it’s nice to have nice things.

This can be followed by targeted treatment such as Davines Naturaltech Purifying Gel that helps balance both dry and oily scalp conditions.

Next, don’t be shy when it comes to some pampering. An occasional leave in conditioner will help undo some of the damage of overwashing, such as Sachajuan’s spray option which is super lightweight. Just slap it in, dry off and go to sleep.

Rather than choosing products that feel like you’re pulling your hair out to work in (you actually are, by the way) embrace the natural direction your hair wants to grow. Opt for a gentler styling cream such as Aesop’s Violet Hair Balm or Kevin Murphy’s iconic Easy.Rider which is packed with antioxidants.

Check out our favourite products for better head and healthier hair below.

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