surf style
Credit: Mr Porter

It appears that there is something in the water; for the Northern Hemisphere it is warm seas and balmy afternoons of Summer. For the Southern Hemisphere, it is a sense of longing and nostalgia of days spent at the beach – whilst we are huddle around heater. Nevertheless, Summer 2020 has seen the return of tie-dye, old-school prints and slouchy basics. No matter where you are in the world, beach-side casual is now everyday wear and ushering in the look is a mass collaboration with MR PORTER.


Aptly titled, Gone Surfin’ the extensive collection features 15 brands with 171 exclusive pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and lifestyle items from ahnah, Birdwell, Faherty, Go Barefoot, James Perse, Miansai, Mollusk, Noon Goons, Outerknown, Peyote Bird, Pilgrim Surf + Supply, Reyn Spooner, Saturdays NYC, Sonic Editions, and The Elder Statesman. The series of capsules are rounded out with a curated selection of natural skin care product from Salt & Stone, as well as Mr Laird Hamilton’s book, Fuel Up.


Each collaborator has tapped into their own unique take on the surfer style and spirit, and together, make a nod to the ritualistic sport and defining subculture of modern fashion. ICON caught up with Mike Faherty, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of namesake label, Faherty, for insight into his own collaborative capsule.

surf style
Credit: Mr Porter
ICON: Talk to us about the inspiration and backstory to this collection.

Mike Faherty: “I’ve always been inspired by the amazing retro surf imagery from the 50’s and 60’s California. Particularly images from the great photographer LeRoy Grannis of candid moments, Woodies and surfboards; he really does an amazing job of transporting you to a magical time of summer in California when surfing became a romantic and iconic part of beach lifestyle.

How does your collaborative collection reflect surf style and culture?

MF: “As I approached the design of this collection, I was really tapping into different surf cultures around the world and excited by the challenge of reinventing these heritage references in the most comfortable and wearable ways. We place an emphasis on super high quality, easy to wear, taking you from the beach to wherever else you want to be. You’ll see references of Japanese woodblock technique, bright and happy Hawaiian prints rolling through, surf stripes straight from vintage California wardrobes and of course the Tie-Dye, which is so relevant right now, but perfectly iconic to the 60’s flavour, too.


What does partnering with MR PORTER on the Gone Surfin’ project mean to you?

MF: “Faherty has been fortunate enough to be working with Mr Porter since we were just getting started and the retailer has been a big supporter of Faherty as we’ve continued to grow and expand. The project really speaks true to me as, over the years, I’ve been able to travel to more diverse surf locations and spend summers in small surf towns in Europe or Australia. These global influences and universal beach cultures fuel more inspiration for me as I ideate and build our clothes each season.”

What is unique and identifiable about your brand in general, and how have you incorporated it into the Gone Surfin’ collection?

MF: “My brother Alex and I grew up in a small surf town, so we’ve always been attracted to the function and the lifestyle of casual surf clothes. And as we’ve broadened our horizons personally and professionally, we have seen that the principles that are embedded in all that Faherty does, continues to resonate around the world: casual and comfortable, sustainably-minded, highest quality guaranteed.”

surf style
Credit: Mr Porter


Is there a specific design philosophy you follow?

MF: “I’ve always had a fascination with previous eras and the way people dress at different points in time. I love taking these references and looks from the past and merging them with modern fabric development to re-imagine some of the most loved vintage fabrics to be softer, lighter-weight, more comfortable versions of these classics.”

What do you consider the stand-out pieces of your collection and why?

MF: “I love our hoodies – and in this capsule, there’s a style for anyone. Our Gone Surfin’ collection features an awesome tie-dye, but you’ll also see one of our signature Baja hoodies. These are all super unique and versatile, on and off the beach.”

Shop ICON’s picks below, and the full collection on MR PORTER, here.

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