Justin Bieber Crocs Collab

Normally the words ‘Justin Bieber collab’ would be literal music to our ears, but ‘Justin Bieber Crocs Collab’ makes us want to run away and hide.

The Crocs renaissance continues with news that Justin Bieber is set to drop another Crocs collab as part of his Drew House brand expansion. This is not the first time multiple Grammy Award winner has teamed up with the shoe brand. The original Justin Bieber Crocs collab arrived back in October 2000, a fetching pair of yellow Crocs that served as a reminder that no one besides Bieber can really get away with Crocs.

The latest Justin Bieber Crocs Collab switches out the yellow for a colour that is arguably even harder to pull off: lavender.

The classic clog is adorned with characters from the Drew House family including the trademark teddy bear that Bieber so often rocks in his aesthetic. As if Crocs weren’t already abrasive enough, now it’s a croc wearing a brooch.

Justin Bieber Crocs Collab

While the Justin Bieber Crocs collab might trigger a recoil in some (sane) corners of the shoe world, there is no denying that Crocs are having a comeback. In the past twelve months that brand has capitalised on the ‘living from home’ aesthetic necessitated by COVID, making their laid back slip-on style the ideal choice for a global audience trapped inside.

Who needs to bother with laces when there is nowhere to go?

Everyone from Pharrell to LeBron James and Justin Bieber has been spotted rocking Crocs, while the brand has released collabs with Post Malone and Chinatown Market. In a further flex for the brand, Bieber took to Instagram to announce the Justin Bieber Crocs Collab was on its way and, according to Highsnobiety, sent the Crocs share price up by 11 percent. The power of the Biebs.

The Justin Bieber Crocs collab comes with a pair of Drew House-branded socks to complete the SOCKS AND CROCS look that is the bane of my existence.

Justin Bieber Crocs Collab

If you’re one of the people who believe the arrival of a fresh Crocs drop is a reason to celebrate then you can cop a pair of the Bieber Crocs here for $60.