2018 has been the year for sneakers and with luxury brands adopting the sportswear essential in the latest seasons, the hype for the silhouette has reached all new heights. Thanks to Instagram and the rise of street style, sneakers have been given a new lease on life and while you normally look to the exterior of your kicks, this photographer is giving you a unique inside perspective.

In partnership with Lyst, British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey is changing the way you look at sneakers. Entitled “Behind the Seams”, his latest project has commissioned some of 2018’s most hyped sneakers, including the Balenciaga Triple S, YEEZY 500 Desert Rat, and the Gucci Flashtrek, putting them through x-ray imaging. In what the artist calls “xograms”, Turvey has utilised the fusion of light and x-ray imagery to produce images displaying multiple layers of each pair of sneakers.

The results are fascinating and bring life to the material. Different to the standard sneaker photography found on the web, Hugh Turvey has captured each design in a new light.

For more details on each model and the project, visit Lyst here.