Another day another actor accused of being a manipulative misogynist only this time it stings a little more because this time it’s someone who you thought would know better: Jonah Hill.

The Superbad and Wolf of Wall Street star, who has been a vocal advocate on body positivity, mental health and the dangers of online bullying, has now been accused by former girlfriend and surf instructor Sarah Brady of being emotionally manipulative and controlling behind the scenes.

Brady took to Instagram to share a slew of messages allegedly between her and Hill that reveals Hill demanding she remove certain photos he didn’t approve of from her Instagram page. This included pictures of Brady competing in her sport of surfing, or wearing a bikini.

Jonah Hill, Sarah Brady
Image: Instagram

In not so surprising twist of irony, Brady also shared a shot of herself that Hill had previously “loved” prior to their relationship. Lo and behold, it was one of her riding a surfboard in a bikini.

Unfortunately, it also gets worse. Brady also shared a text where Hill outlined his “boundaries” which read less as boundaries and more as subtle ways of exerting control over someone and limiting their interactions with anyone other than himself.

This included not surfing with men (we repeat, Brady is a surf instructor), to model, to post pictures wearing a bathing suit (SHE IS A SURF INSTRUCTOR) or to have friendships with women he deemed are in unstable places.

One of the most chilling details of the exchange however is the way Hill weaponises their experiences at therapy, using terminology from the sessions. Quite frankly, if a therapist is advising you that it’s okay for someone to request you practically quit your career to appease your partner’s boundaries, find a new partner and find a new therapist.

In the since-deleted Instagram stories, Brady shared a piece of advice and warning for all her followers: “This is a warning to all girls. If your partner is talking to you like this make an exit plan”.

Hill has made no secret of his own mental health issues and body image insecurities (not that this is an excuse for his behaviour if this is all true) and even Brady added a nuanced take to her situation, stating in a later post that “someone being an emotionally abusive partner doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person (often stems from their own trauma) and at the same time it doesn’t mean it’s ok”.

Jonah Hill, Sarah Brady
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 05: Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady at the World Premiere Of Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” at Jazz at Lincoln Center on December 05, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

The couple, who went public with their relationship in 2021, became viral for their red carpet fashion moments. They eventually split sometime in early 2022.