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In what was one of the most anticipated events of the UFC calendar, Conor McGregor faced off against arch-nemesis Khabib Nurmagomedov and after staying calm through much of the Irish-man’s antics over the past two years, Nurmagomedov unleashed his fury.

In an intense and thrilling UFC 229 match for the lightweight title, McGregor appeared to come out strong with a quick takedown, but the victory was short as Khabib Nurmagomedov applied the pressure. The next two rounds followed with similar energy and despite McGregor’s best efforts with straight kicks and attempts at defence takedowns, the Russian showed skill. It was the fourth and final round that sealed the Irish fate with a rear naked choke hold forcing him to tap out.

Shortly after, the electric energy of the arena was intensified as Nurmagomedov scaled the fence to attack McGregor’s teammate. Chaos was unleashed as the Russian team joined in, making their way to ring where McGregor was forced to defend himself against a series of sucker punches. Tamed by police and heavy security, the brawl was broken up as three Russian teammates were arrested and escorted from the arena.

The behaviour from Khabib has left him without his title belt and the $2 million USD purse, expected to pay heavy fines and possible suspension in the coming days.

UFC president Dana White refused to give Nurmagomedov the championship belt in the ring, saying: “If I put this belt on you everyone is going to start throwing s**t.”

After commission officials examined footage from the incident, McGregor’s $3 million USD purse was surrendered to the fighter. Any arrested members were later released after the Irish fighter refused to press charges, according to reports.

Stay tuned for any further developments.