Credit: Instagram @kidcudi

Kid Cudi has remained relatively quite since he dropped the “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” album with Kanye West, earlier this year. Now, in a mysterious new tweet, the Cleveland rapper is teasing what appears to be a fresh new project in the works – but what exactly is it’?

Captioned “CHANGE IS COMING”, Cudi posted a video to his Twitter with the artist talking of rewriting the script while showcasing “the power of creativity”.

“We’re rewriting the script because these rules don’t apply,” the video opens with. “We’ll be showing up with real people, in real places, in real ways. To inspire positive change. Bravery, courage, and action, uniting to showcase the power of creativity.” The aim, Cudi explains, is to “create a better future together. We are the exception to the rule. We are the Asterisk Collective.”

Following the video, The Chosen One posted a second tweet: “Soon, #asteriskcollective”. As expected. fans have taken to his social media page with guesses flooding in with what the mystery endeavour could be.

Is it a new fashion line? New album? Podcast or new online music platform? Whatever it is, he has successfully built the hype.

Stay tuned for what comes next.