Kanye West has been a headline focus for many weeks now and after his recent release of ‘ye’ and a successful production of Pusha T’s ‘Daytona’, the hip-hop artist has put forward his creative capabilities on a collaboration with Kid Cudi. Hello ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’.

Following the duo’s listening party held in Santa Clarita, the album exploded on Spotify, iTunes, Billboard with an overall positive reaction from fans, the media and critics – finally giving both artists a resounding win after a shaky few years. Despite its risky format – a short 7-song album – West and Cudi easily established a strong presence.

Similarly to West’s intimate album, ‘ye’, this most recent drop explores the inner workings of both rappers minds while exploring a different perspective with each track. From haunting sounds in ‘Kids See Ghosts’ to refreshing music in ‘Reborn’, the album breaks typical composition and arrangement.

Reminiscent to West’s 2013 album Yeezus, the opening track ‘Feel the love’, offers a neutral yet firm introduction to the series while the next song, ‘Fire’ delves into Ye’s opinions on failure. Continuing with his release of inner thoughts, ‘Free’ brings out the idea of mental and physical freedom and emphasises its importance to listeners. Similarly, the track ‘Reborn’, reveals a more raw and personal side to the duo.

“Peace is somethin’ that starts with me, with me. At times, wonder my purpose, easy then to feel worthless. But, peace is somethin’ that starts with me (with me, with me). Had so much on my mind, I didn’t know where to go. I’ve come a long way from them hauntin’ me”

Another notable song which wraps up the album is ‘Cudi Montage’, a breath of freshness and difference that makes listeners want to listen to the whole album again and again. Turn up the volume to MAX and tune up below.

Cover Image: Instagram @kanyew.est