Credit: Youtube / What’s Inside?

Whether it be an asteroid, nuclear weapons or a devastating natural disaster, people across the world have been preparing for the day that earth is inevitably destroyed. While you may be stuck underground eating freeze-dried food for years on end, 12 people in an undisclosed area in Kansas will live a life of luxury – in a $3 million “doomsday” bunker. Taking us inside the mysterious shelter is Youtube channel, “What’s Inside?”.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 the US President at the time, John F. Kennedy had bunkers created across the country that housed huge nuclear missiles. Cleared out and abandoned some years later, one of these silos were sold with each of the twelve units inside at $1.5 – $3 million. Now, some genius person has decked out the interior to create the most epic end-of-the-world shelter.

Containing all the essentials including bird-repellents, the ability to grow fresh food and a de-contamination area the space also boasts a rock-climbing wall, pool and master-suite bedroom – because why the heck not. Finished off with an AI-controlled security system, they’ll be secure and comfortable ahead of the next natural phenomenon.

Watch the video below for a full-look into the luxury bunker.