LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 12: Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie attends the “Barbie” European Premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on July 12, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Neil Mockford/FilmMagic)

We know Australian sweetheart Margot Robbie was really good at school, we know she has a heart of gold, and has incredible style—but on this day, we’ve also learned how physically fit she is, too.

In a new photo posted to Instagram by her personal trainer David Higgins, Robbie cheekily stands next to a whiteboard that displays the length of time the cast and crew of Barbie could hold a plank.

Robbie came in second at 4-minutes and 10-seconds to Higgins 5-minutes and 32-seconds. But it was Ryan Gosling, Robbie’s Barbie co-star and Ken to her Barbie, came in fourth at 3-minutes and 2-seconds. Trans actress Hari Nef who plays one of the Barbies in the film came in fifth at 2-minutes and 15-seconds and Robbie’s British husband and part owner of LuckyChap Productions Tom Ackerley got a time of 1-minute and 36-seconds.

margot robbie plank
Credit: Twitter / @popbase

One commenter summed up our thoughts entirely: “I know she’d run a Pilates studio in the Sunshine Coast like it was the navy,” they joked.

“I always find that the aesthetics come naturally when you’re working out properly and you’re looking after your diet, but it wasn’t ever the focus,” Higgins told PopSugar. “Barbie was more about let’s just feel good, and if you feel good, that’s going to translate on camera.”

During its opening weekBarbie has, according to Variety, raked in USD$182 million (AUD$270 million) at the international box office. This gives director Greta Gerwig the record for the biggest opening ever for a film directed by a woman. Comparatively, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer attracted USD$93.7 million (AUD$139.1 million).

Barbie is in cinemas now across australia.