Crushed pine, crisp Alpine air and the woody scent of endless trees all beneath a crisp layer of snow – Moncler’s debut fragrance for men Moncler Homme is definitely rich in olfactive visuals that pay homage to the landscape the luxury brand was originally made for: the brisk mountains of Grenoble, France.

The new Moncler Homme. Image: Moncler.


Moncler’s DNA was born in the outdoors – specifically, the tree-laden slopes of the Alpine region from which the brand, famous for its luxury chateaus and perfect fluffy snow. This contrast – the opulence of accommodations juxtaposed with the raw beauty of the mountainside – makes it one of the most coveted skiing destinations around the world and its the complexity that master perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud have attempted to capture in aromatic form. Speaking exclusively to ICON about the new creation, Maisondieu describes Moncler Homme is a modern interpretation of some of the most classic notes used in men’s fragrances, woody notes.

“I wanted to compose a very modern wood, both raw and refined, built around notes of sandalwood and cedar,” says Maisondieu. “It is from this idea that I created the accord that we called Mountain Woods Accord [created with Nisrine Grillié]. The brief was about innovation, precision and elegance, it is what makes the very identity of Moncler perfumes and it was exactly what I wanted to transcribe.”

Green, vegetal notes combine with woody notes to create a photorealistic impression of mountain air. Image: Moncler.

The soft, vegetal notes of clary sage and invigorating pine round out the experience, painting a vivid picture that transports you straight to the brand’s namesake landscape. Warm amber and vetiver slowly appear in the drydown, much like a wood fire at the end of a day hitting the slopes.

“Aromatic notes such as clary sage go through the composition and give this impression of freshness, from top to bottom,” says Maisondieu. “This lasting freshness is also embodied by the resinous and fresh woodiness of the cypress, that we feel from the heart of the note and which remains until the drydown.”

Asking a perfumer his favourite part of a fragrance might sound like asking a parent their favourite child, but Maisondieu is surprisingly candid when asked what element of Moncler Homme he was drawn to the most: “I really like sage: it brings a new aromatic sweetness, a mellow and modern texture that is both fresh and fluffy, just like its leaves, which supports the Alpine Green top accord.”

The borraccia-inspired bottle. Image: Moncler.

It’s the full package experience, in a bottle. Which is in itself a work of art.

The Moncler Homme bottle cements the scent to the minimalist, functional purpose that drives the Italian luxury brand in its other endeavours. The unique borraccia bottle is shaped like the iconic water flask favoured by hikers and mountaineerers. It’s a hefty piece of design that does away with the usual delicacy of silhouette even the most masculine of scents tend to adopt. Available in three sizes, the 150ml comes with something extra special: an LED screen on which a digital display of the brand runs, like a ticker on the stock market. Complete with charge cord to keep it running, it also has Bluetooth capabilities so you can individualise the message via your mobile phone. Simply download the Moncler App to your phone and away you go.

It’s a pleasing nod to the brand’s consistent pushing of boundaries a la Moncler Genius concepts and collaborations.

“I think Moncler goes far beyond the sportswear category, this fashion house plays in the court of the big designers,” says Maisondieu. “The strength of this brand has always been to combine the luxury of exceptional clothing with the beauty of wide open spaces. We go far beyond simple performance, it is a real lifestyle that Moncler claims. As a perfumer, I adopted the exact same approach.”