As the SAG AFTRA strikes continue to drag on, the guild – known for its knack for rules and regulations – recently issued some head-scratching Halloween costume guidelines that have left many in the industry amused, in particular one Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

The rather peculiar guidelines suggested that actors should opt for vague costume choices like “ghost, zombie, or spider” instead of specific characters, in an effort to avoid unintentionally promoting content from striking studios. The reaction from both members and observers has been mixed, to say the least.

In response to the buzz surrounding these guidelines, the guild released a statement, which, for many, raised more questions than it answered. The guild explained that these guidelines were intended to assist content creators and members in showing their support for the strike during the Halloween season without inadvertently endorsing struck work. However, the need for such guidance left many scratching their heads.

Ryan Reynolds, always one to add a touch of humour to the conversation, tweeted, “I look forward to screaming ‘scab’ at my 8-year-old all night. She’s not in the union, but she needs to learn.” Honestly if there’s one person who knows how to use social media for an accurate burn, it’s the man behind the Deadpool mask…

Former SAG-AFTRA president Melissa Gilbert also expressed her puzzlement on Instagram, questioning the relevance of these rules in the grand scheme of things. She suggested that focusing on more substantial matters, like getting back to the negotiation table, should be the priority.

Mandy Moore added her voice to the chorus, raising questions about the importance of these costume guidelines when so many in the industry have made significant sacrifices during the ongoing strike. She urged the guild to concentrate on the negotiation process and reaching a fair deal that would benefit everyone involved.

In the midst of it all, the industry and its members continue to navigate the complexities of the strike, with a hint of amusement and bewilderment at the unconventional nature of these guidelines.