The long standing feud between Samsung and Apple has been admittedly entertaining to say the least, and just in time for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9, the South Korean tech company has thrown some serious shade towards its competitor. The mini series, entitled “Ingenious”, has been released online, poking fun at Apple, aimed at everything from its adaptors, camera and latest iPhone X.

Made up of four, 30 second advertorials, each video follows an Apple employee as he tries to convince customers to purchase the brands products – inevitably failing. Containing mild (and sometimes crude) humour, each customer expresses concerns over fast-charging, download speeds and camera quality. Even comedian Teddy Ray, makes a feature on the ‘dongle’ episode. The Youtube descriptions are equally chuckle worthy, for example – “Does the X have a higher rated camera than the Galaxy S9? That’s a hard nope.”

View each ad below. Be warned though, as a loyalist to Apple products, Samsung might have you converted.