The world of smartphones seems to be getting larger and more complicated, and in a bid to stay connected we are increasingly consumed by other matters. These days however, staying connected is essential to everyday life, so with the aim to keep moving forward yet with less distraction, San Fransisco-based founders Howard Nuk and Dennis Miloseski have created a solution.

Designed to be a “companion” to your current smartphone, the duo have put forward the “Palm Phone”. Like its name suggests, The Palm Phone is the minimalist, palm-sized phone with enough ability to keep you connected without the unnecessary features that normally deter your focus.

Roughly the size of a credit card, the Palm Phone includes everything you may need. Water and dust resistant, a 12MP and 8MP cameras on the rear and front, as well as running Android 8.1 on a 3.3-inch screen, you can upload any essential applications so you’re not loosing out on needed extras. The phone also features “Life Mode” which mutes all incoming calls and texts when the screen is turned off – a simple solution to stay focussed on the world around you. It is not too different to your “real” smartphone either, boasting face unlock, all-day battery life and HD display.

What’s more, the Palm Phone is easily synced to your smartphone, running on Verizon’s NumberShare, meaning you wont need a separate number to keep in-touch.

For more information on the Palm Phone and to purchase the technology, visit the website.