Louis Vuitton, Felix, Stray Kids

Music and fashion have long been collaborative companions and the division between the two is increasingly less divided so to speak. And one of the biggest influences today is K-Pop where the two industries seem to fuse seamlessly in a united sense of expression.

So it feels immensely correct that Stray Kids’ member Felix would be named the latest ambassador for French Maison Louis Vuitton. The Australian-born South Korean rapper joins fellow countrymen Hoyeon Jung (Squid Game) and BTS’s J-Hope, who have both been inaugurated into the Louis Vuitton family.

Felix, 22, has been a recent fixture at Louis Vuitton shows, most recently their Prefall 2023 womens show which took place in his home city of Seoul in an showstopping spectacle on the Jamsugyo Bridge spanning the Hangang River. (Bridges seem to be a trend for the Maison right now, with Pharrell Williams shutting down the Pont Neuf in Paris for his debut collection.)

In fact it was women’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière who first discovered Felix, during that same Prefall show in Seoul. “I am thrilled that Felix is joining Louis Vuitton as House Ambassador,” Ghesquière said in an official statement from the Maison. “I discovered Felix when I presented my Prefall collection in Seoul. It instantly clicked between us. He is really talented, I love his energy, his unique personality and his audacious sense of style.”