While we’ve seen some pretty amazing fashion moments thus far in 2022, is there anything more iconic than everyone’s favourite streetwear label (Supreme) teaming up with New York City’s ‘it’ girl (Julia Fox)?

Right now, we don’t think so.

In anticipation of Supreme’s SS22 campaign, the streetwear label set about hiring its very own plane to host an intimate party with notable skateboarders. Of course, Fox – who is best known for her breakout debut role in Uncut Gems – was dressed in a lacy, Supreme-red bra, acting as the official ‘Supreme Airlines’ flight attendant, serving guests a splash of Hennessy, debauchery and fun.

Supreme continues its run of attention-grabbing collaborations – there was that spectacular Tiffany & Co.  collab, and most recently one with Burberry – and we’re here for it. The new campaign, which is now plastered all over New York City, Fox was officially shot by underground street legend, director/artist Harmony Korine (Gummo, Spring Breakers). 

What ensues in this seriously cool ad by Supreme is complete and utter chaos. When you look at the photography and videography associated with the campaign, you can’t really make out what is going on – or its purpose – other than its high street fashion at its best. No, it’s not your typical domestic flight nor will you ever see something quite like it.

I mean, the image of Fox sitting on the lap of New Yorker skateboarder Tyshawn Jones is close to ‘iconic’ status. Elsewhere in the cabin, you’ll find pro skaters Sean Pablo, Mathias Sauvageon and Ben Kadow decked out in the latest Supreme goods, like denim shirt jackets, sweats adorned by camouflage prints, flashy bomber jackets, and even a leopard-spotted eyemask.

Fox made headlines earlier this year when she began her all but normal fling with Kanye West. While the relationship was short-lived, Fox’s attention-grabbing antics as West’s dress-up doll remain etched in our minds.

While many at the time labelled their relationship a publicity stunt, it seems the grift was a reality when Fox publicly admitted via an Instagram story post-breakup that she is a “#1 hustler” for essentially orchestrating the attention that ensued thanks to her ‘romantic’ ties with West in a post-Kim world.

You can view the Supreme’s SS22 campaign by Harmony Korine starring Julia Fox in full below.