Widely considered a cult label within the Japanese market, UNUSED has just showcased its Fall/Winter 2018 Collection with bulk layering and plenty of cold-weather essentials.

Founded in 2004, the UNUSED Label is both name and faceless but outlines its key design concepts – “Remove conceptual frame, dismantle, proposal to pursue a new form of existence. We are pursuing functional beauty and comfort that adds prejudice and improves past objects on a new perspective with no prejudice and gives joy. We blend in everyday life and propose it as a creation style of ourselves.”

From Summer 2016, the quality brand created unisex pieces market towards both men and women and since then its designs are praised by the likes of A$AP Rocky.

In its newest collection, the anonymous label presents staple looks including trench-coats, basic tops and tailored pants, both of which are genderless and expertly layered, combining clashing prints and colours. From check patterns, stripes and strong colour-blocking, UNUSED have finished each look with a mix of fine jewellery, sneakers and the odd beanie – perfectly juxtaposed to the heaviness of the clothing.

The collection will be available later this year from COVERCHORD.