In an unlikely location to launch his latest album, Kanye West took to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in an inspired launch party for ‘Ye’. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, fields of greenery and bonfires, Yeezy disturbed the peace with the most epic party of the year.

Arriving in everything from mini-busses to private jets, the party saw a collection of the artists inner circle, with the likes of Big Sean, 2Chainz, Kid Cudi, Desiigner, Nas, Ty Dolla Sign and Kim Kardashian, with the event electrified with bulldozers playing his 7-piece album on huge speakers while the rest of the world finally got a taste of his new music.

Guests were among the first to wear West’s latest designs and merch which featured hand-painted motifs and the mountains of Wyoming covering long-sleeves and sweatshirts. To cop a piece of the action, you can now purchase the merchandise here, while you listen to his latest tunes below.