In the world of entertainment, the conversations of late have, in one way or another, surrounded the release of Stranger Things: Season Four – the most streamed series on Netflix behind Squid Game. But away from the chatter of the series itself – and that [SPOILER] devastating Vecna twist we didn’t see coming – one of the original Hawkins’ Five cast has been making headlines of his own… and it’s every bit as enticing as the show itself.

Noah Schnapp, who plays the loveable Will Byers in Stranger Things, earlier this week outed rap sensation Doja Cat after the 26-year old asked for the details of Schnapp’s Stranger Things castmateJoseph Quinn, aka Eddie Munson (RIP).

Schnapp then proceeded to share the screenshots of the Instagram DM exchnage to his 26 million-strong fanbase on TikTok… ohhhh Schnapp!

Noah Schnapp Doja Cat

In what is a now-deleted video captioned “thirsty Doja”, Doja Cat was seen asking 17-year-old Schnapp to tell Quinn to message her directly.

“Noah can you tell Joseph to HMU?” Doja wrote in the Instagram DM.

“Slide into his DMs,” Schnapp wrote back actor wrote back.

Just days later, Doja Cat was seen on Instagram live berating the 17-year old Schnapp for sharing their (private) DMs.

“I’m just going to say something right now about the whole f***ing Noah Schnapp thing,” she said via Instagram Live.

“I think that, to be fair, first let’s try to be chill about it. To be fair, this is a kid. Noah is like… I don’t even know how old he is but… there’s no way he’s over like 21. I’m trying to be super fair. You do dumb sh*t, you say dumb sh*t, you f***ing f*** up relationships with people,” she said.

“You’re supposed to do stuff like that so you know you’re not supposed to do it in the future. [But] the fact that Noah went and did that, posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware and whack. That’s like borderline snake sh*t. That’s like weasel sh*t. I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality — I don’t imagine him that way.”

Schnapp has not made a public comment to address Doja Cat’s remarks, and remaining silent in the middle of this fiasco is Joseph Quinn. While many are defending Doja Cat and her right to privacy, there are some that are saying her public shaming of a 17 year old is not a great look.

Watch this space as this juicy story unfolds…