ICON 06: Preview – Mario Time

Leave your opponents in the pixelated dust with the 8Bitdo’s SN30Pro 2 controller

ICON 06: Preview – The Obscure Object Of Desire

Trust Virgil Abloh to leave his fingerprints on the Braun ‘wandanlage’ for a sound system that doubles as “functional art”

ICON 06: Preview – Scout’s Honour

With artificial intelligence to operate autonomously, Moorebot’s ‘Scout’ sounds the beginning of future robotic housekeepers

Aerial Stunts

Inspired by the planet’s purest sites, Australian photographer Irenaeus Herok dreams of a world unharmed by pollution and human impact

ICON 06: Preview – Served

Homegrown champions could only dream of hitting a drop shot on this Impatia Lungolinea table

ICON 06: Preview – Pocket Square

Warning: This Teenage Engineering PO-16 Pocket Operator will cause severe procrastination

ICON 06: Preview – Street Hawk

Introducing the Bandit9 Jaeger; at a top speed of 165km/h, you’ll fly like a “bullet on two wheels”