MARCH 22 – To celebrate international Earth Day, Italian luxury house Giorgio Armani has launched a new digital destination, Armani/Values that provides a transparent insight into the way the brand continues to work within sustainable, ethical and responsible models of operation and inspiration.

The importance of corporate responsibility and ethical design has transformed from being a fringe topic of interest into an assumed practice, with consumers now as equally invested in the how and where of their clothing as they are the why. This development of moral purchasing has meant designers are now developing a multi-tiered approach to their brands – aesthetic and quality focused on the one hand, morally driven on the other. While the two aren’t mutually exclusive, it has become far more synchronised in recent years.

With the new Armani/Values site, friends of the brand are taken on a journey through the inner workings of the company’s dedication to creating a more sustainable brand. It will be a source of information for anyone seeking out current news and development while being a touchpoint for the history of Armani.

The overview of the site splits these into three pillars of importance: People, Planet, and Prosperity. Under People, the importance of diversity and inclusivity are highlighted along with the brand’s dedication to the wellbeing of its team and broader Armani family – the clients.

Planet describes the various initiatives and projects that Armani Group is involved in that ensure the ongoing health of the planet, from reforestation through to biodiversity conservation as well as monitoring and improving supply chain models.

Lastly, Prosperity knits these various threads into a cohesive whole – both local and international, cultural heritage and innovation as well as the various charities and causes Armani Group and its founder have been at the forefront of such as Opera di San Francesco, the Community of Sant’Egidio, Save the Children, the Veronesi Foundation, Humanitas, and the Teatro alla Scala Foundation.

Giorgio Armani.

Speaking on the launch of the new website, founder Giorgio Armani says “I think that as a designer and entrepreneur I do have responsibilities towards other people, and I feel I should both be an example and offer support. I have always remained true to authentic and solid values in my practice.

“I do this by designing timeless objects that are pure and minimal, inspired by the idea that less is more and made to last over time. I have always cared about people and community, in the conviction that a company must not only receive but give back too. And that also applies to our planet, which we must take care of. I think that fashion can contribute to the ongoing transformation in many ways, and that is my commitment. Values matter and for me they are absolutely fundamental. With this website, I wish to share an essential and imperative duty: an invitation for all of us to build a more responsible system.”