Credit: Courtesy of Burberry

“For my first Burberry menswear-focused collection, I wanted to celebrate the freedom of expression,” says Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Chief Creative Officer. “Enclosed indoors, I dreamt of the outdoors and its beauty, fuelled by the thought of the creativity that comes when we are together.”

Escape. The notion is vastly different for each of us. Perhaps to escape lockdown, escape the country for a new adventure, escape a job for something more fulfilling. Nonetheless, Tisci has conceptualised the uniform – Autumn/Winter 2021 – within the home of the British Fashion House, Burberry’s flagship Regent Street store in London.

Wandering amongst blocks and pillars of the store, Tisci introduces a series of new-age silhouettes crafted from well known styles. The classic letterman jacket is deconstructed to feature a sleeveless iteration, and pleats, fringe and panels add a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine collection. Following the appointment of Tisci to the luxury house, a clear house code made up of animal motifs was realised – AW/21 is a clear indication of that.

Deer motifs inspire the silhouettes of knitted beanies, whilst boots and sneakers on moulded soles are also sculpted to resemble hooves. The collection’s distinct palette is tonal and rich, including Burberry beige, bark brown, oxblood burgundy, city greys and shirting shades of pale blue and pink.

For Londoners who have been stuck in lockdown for much of 2020 and again in 2021, Burberry AW/21 Menswear is intrinsically tied to founder Thomas Burberry’s creations, the idea of optimism and adventure. And we can only hope to experience that once again, soon. Finally there is hope to escape.

“With this dream in mind, I became fascinated by the widespread British craft and outdoor movements of the early 20th Century, when people escaped to explore the unknown countryside. They formed communities with a deep respect for nature and the outdoors and looked forward to a future full of possibility. I was not only drawn to the artistry of their craft, colours and shapes, but also to their strong sense of camaraderie and friendship,” Tisci continued.

“This collection is an homage to the relationship between humanity and nature, where we can break free and come together to discover new forms of expression. It’s for those who are defining their own path, whose strength and energy have inspired this Burberry collection.”

Watch the full presentation below.