Credit: Jimmy Kimmel / Youtube

Do you make up part of the 99 percent of the population that religiously follow Game of Thronesor the remaining one percent who have not one clue as to what is going on? Either way, its fair to say that after seven seasons of the celebrated franchise, it can all get a bit confusing.

As Monday night rolled around in Australia, fans and even newcomers set up camp to watch the premiere of the final season. Following its launch, the internet expectedly blew up with fan theories and unanswered question as to what the heck is happening. Is anyone else confused over Bran’s role? Nevertheless, it seems that Jimmy Kimmel has found a solution.

Rounding up the cast of the hyped television show, the group performed a skit cleverly dubbed, “Game of Phones”. Any burning questions that you need to clear up? Well apparently, no question is too personal in this ’90s-inspired clip. For $2.99 a minute, viewers can call in and ask anything they need from the likes of Maisie Williams, Lena Heady and Sophie Turner – all of course donned in brown polos.

According to the skit, no one poisoned Joffrey rather he “had a bad clam. Remember, you have to tap the shell to make sure they’re alive before you cook them.” And if you listen for long enough you may just learn Kristian Nairn’s HBO password.

Tune into the hilarious video below. Thank you Jimmy Kimmel, thank you.