Credit: The Tokyo Golden Hyatt Hotel

When you think of Japan, its not common that you’d associate the country of the rising sun for anything but its delicious sashimi and cheap bowls of ramen. While it still has a wide array of American options to fulfil the hunger for midnight fries, it can be agreed that it isn’t known for its burger joints. That is until now.

Born from the master minds at The Tokyo Grand Hyatt Hotel, comes the burger to end all burgers – and we haven’t even had the opportunity to try it. The competition to out grill the next is all but endless in the realm of burger creations, but it seems that the luxury establishment may have just won the crown.

Starting with the usuals – a beef patty, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese – the concoction takes a delectable turn. Adding to the foundations of a great burger, it is then topped with Wagyu beef slices, foie gras, and freshly shaved black truffles, finished off with gold-dusted buns – you read correctly. Dubbed the ‘Golden Giant Burger’, to get your hands on this creation it will set you back 100,000 YEN or roughly $1,250 AUD. Shame.

Credit: The Tokyo Golden Hyatt Hotel

Though its definitely a meal to be shared, if the $1,200 splurge is too much, guests can opt for the ‘Golden R’ rendition – complete with Madera sauce and goats cheese – for $200.

According to the hotel website, the mega-burger will be available from 1 April – 30 June 2019. Reservations are necessary for the Golden Giant so head here for more information.