Moncler, FRGMT, Hiroshi Fujiwara

Japanese designer and founder of streetwear brand FRGMT Hiroshi Fujiwara has just launched his latest capsule collection with Italian outerwear label Moncler as part of their ongoing Genius project.

The Moncler Genius project has become an anticipated seasonal fixture, a mini fashion week if you will. Each collaboration, or partnership, or fusion, reweaves the threads that connect our ideas of what fashion can do, and how it can be seen as a wearable art form.

One of the brand’s most longstanding collaborators, Fujiwara has consistently offered a unique take on the partnership that combines the preppy urban aesthetic of his own style with the luxury utilitarianism of Moncler. This season, Fujiwara brings a renewed sense of playfulness to the line: houndstooth patterns and high definition photo prints on the surface of puffers and vests. Denim, T-shirts and knitwear in argyle deliver more transseasonal elements as well as speaking to the FRGMT streetwear DNA.

Moncler, FRGMT, Hiroshi Fujiwara

To understand how the collaboration comes to life, ICON sat down with Fujiwara ahead of the launch to discuss what goes into the making of genius.

ICON: What is the point of intersection for Moncler and FRGMT when it comes to designing a capsule collection that embodies the spirit of both brands?

HIROSHI FUJIWARA: I think Moncler is forward thinking, always looking for new ways to showcase creative ideas, most recent event in London for instance. They always surprise me. I like mixing new and old elements.

ICON: As one of the longest serving collaborators, what do you see as the most important part of your relationship with Moncler?

HF: I consider myself to be like a member of the Moncler family, we have been working together for quite a while now and I’m happy to be able to continue this relationship. It’s been a pleasant experience working with the Moncler Genius team, and I like visiting Milan a lot.

ICON: Key to this collection is the varsity jacket. When did your obsession with this item begin? And what is it about the varsity jacket you love so much?

HF: Throughout the years, I’ve always liked the varsity jacket regardless of my age, I think I’ve produced many in the past and for some reason I’m still making new ones. It’s a diverse and genderless piece. it’s nostalgic to many yet relates to younger kids too. That’s what this collection was about.

Moncler, FRGMT, Hiroshi Fujiwara

ICON: When you’re designing for Moncler Genius, what is the most important concept that the collection must convey?

HF: For this collection, I personally drew inspiration from Moncler’s old archival postcard so I wanted to build this collection around nostalgic elements. You can see some attributes like Houndstooth patterns, also some retro colours like pale yellow and light blue.

ICON: What’s your favourite piece from this collection?

HF: From this collection I like the houndstooth items. The houndstooth nylon jacket is my favorite and I am looking forward to wearing it when it gets colder.