Credit: Instagram @radiohead

In late 2019, an unknown hacker held 18 hours of unreleased music and live 1997 recording sessions from Radiohead for a $150,000 ransom. Seemingly unfazed of the threat, lead guitarist Johnny Greenwood released the tracks anyways. Since then it has sparked a nostalgic re-run of the ’90s rock band and continuing the trend, Radiohead has updated its namesake site to include a treasure trove of rare previously unheard content.

Aptly titled the ‘Radiohead Public Library’, fans have the ability to dig through hours and hours of content which features the band’s catalogue of albums and singles as well as recordings and videos of events and performances. Fans are also able to stream both released and unreleased music videos. While more recent albums OK Computer, Kid A, and Amnesiac are available to stream and buy, but earlier recordings that predate the 1993 Pablo Honey and even their first EP Drill also make an appearance. Look into the minds of the original group with curious videos and fully streamable sets such as the celebrated live, 90-minute act from Lollapalooza 2016.

Accompanying the plethora of interactive information and content on, coveted merchandise is also available to purchase.

Dive into the Radiohead Public Library here and experience nostalgia like no other.