The weather in the northern hemisphere this summer has seen an attack of sweltering heat, ferocious wild fires and insane monsoons, but if you think that gets down the people of Uppsala, Sweden, you’d be wrong. Following a long dry summer in Sweden, the weekend brought on torrential rain, causing flash floods to some cities.

The heavy rains caused an underground train station in Uppsala to flood to knee-hight – and while many commuters chose to see it as an inconvenience, a handful of residents made the most of the situation, taking a relaxing dip instead. Photos and videos emerged on social media shortly after, capturing the event.

One woman named Sarah Thorén went all-out for the occasion, bringing her father along with floaties and pool accessories.

“I wouldn’t say it was the freshest water I’ve ever bathed in, so I had to have a real scrub in the shower afterwards,” photographer Sarah Thorén who filmed the video joked to The Local.

After the fun was over, the water was pumped from the underpass on Sunday night. Uppsala station is now operating normally.

Cover Image: Instagram