Over the weekend two tectonic shifts occurred in Hollywood—the SAG-AFTRA strikes finally came to an end and Timothée Chalamet leaned into his own innate twinkdom and completely bodied an impersonation of Troye Sivan in his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live.

Full credit to the current boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, too. For his sophomore stint as host, Chalamet didn’t just take the stage; he owned it, swirling into a world of ‘shameless self-promotion’ parodying the reality that actors can finally now talk about their up-coming movies. Perfect timing for the 27-year-old New Yorker who has not one but two of the most anticipated releases set to come out: Dune 2 and Wonka.

Chalamet also revived his SoundCloud rapper persona, SmokedCheddatheAssGetta, in a sketch that was equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy. The scene? A hip hop panel at the Museum of Hip Hop with Mary J Blige, Rick Rubin, and Cornel West where Chalamet’s character clashed with the hip-hop elite. Talk about a comeback.

But the true viral moment came when Chalamet embraced his inner twink during a sketch where he played a Troye Sivan sleep demon. Character acting at its best, people complete with a white tank-top, baggy blue trousers, and wavy blond wig.

The scene’s kicker was when Chalamet mimicks the choreograpjy from Sivan’s hit “Got Me Started”. Right down to the flashing red briefs and butt wiggle from the original video.

Image: Instagram/NBC

“I’m Australian YouTube twink turned indie pop star and model turned HBO actor Troye Sivan being played by an American actor who can’t do an Australian accent.”

Chalamet, in character, then quipped about his allure, comparing himself to a “moisturised Machine Gun Kelly,” and humorously declared himself the “most iconic blouse ever,” before exiting with a cheeky “Bye, diva!”



♬ original sound – Troye Sivan

In response to this portrayal, Troye Sivan took to TikTok, describing the experience as “a weird fucking dream.” He amusingly reflected, “Like, imagine: Timothée Chalamet was in my dream, but he was me, and he was wearing my clothes…” His reaction added a delightful real-life twist to the already memorable SNL sketch.