Troye Sivan, Tsu Lang Yor
Troye Sivan is delving into the celebrity fragrance world.

It means “to long years” in Yiddish, the language that singer and actor Troye Sivan’s great-grandmother spoke and it’s also the name of his new line of homewares and fragrances: Tsu Lang Yor, a range of collectable design and objects for the home and body.

Sivan’s passion for design and pretty decent eye for detail was apparent back when he let the world take a peek inside his Melbourne home during an Architectural Digest tour two years ago. It’s cool green accents (Sivan should really have a chat with Dakota Johnson about the power this has had on the culture) and collection of art was akin to a 12 minute meditation class.

So to learn that the 28-year-old was delving into the object arena – it felt correct.

The philosophy behind the name Tsu Lang Yor – a long, full life – sums up the approach that Sivan has taken to the collection of upscale goods that include a tooth-shaped oil burner that resembles an ancient relic; a fragrance encased in a bottle that looks like a certain “leather cleaner” called Rush (IYKYK) and a range of scented candles. Objects that enrich a space, aromas that tease the senses and create a tactile, pleasurable experience.

Sivan launched the collection in collaboration with his brother, Steele Mellet along with several collaborators including designers Castorina and Halcyon Lake for several of the objects while Sydney-based perfumer Craig Andrade of the The Raconteur who assisted with several of the fragrances.

Andrade created three personal fragrances for Tsu Lang Yor, include the signature TLY 5755 which is meant to capture the essence of Australia with its warm peppers and comforting musks; and Pool which has notes of raspberry, gazpacho and sunblock, which are also available in candle form and in an oil burner blend along with several other concepts rooted in the Australian landscape.

You can shop the Tsu Lang Yor collection online now.