Tyler the Creator is giving traditional masculinity the finger – his fingers, literally – with the launch of a new line of nail polish for men.

The collection of nail polish has been released under his fashion and lifestyle brand Golf le Fleur, the latest in his foray into grooming alongside his French Waltz perfume.

The rapper has long been a fan of decorative nails, regularly rocking a new shade himself so it comes as no surprise that he would tap into the growing market of men who also enjoin some extra colour in their life.

At a cost of US$20 per pop, Tyler has begun with three colours – Georgia Peach, Geneva Blue, and Glitter – that have a gloss finish and are all cruelty free and non-toxic.

It might seem like an interesting venture for a rapper but it’s not like the talented performer is the first to indulge in this kind of pampering.

Snoop Dogg, an OG of the industry, has been rocking nail art for decades.

Speaking of the release on Twitter, Tyler the Creator explained that this isn’t a small drop or limited edition run but something he intends on expanding.

To be fair, men wearing nail polish isn’t a new thing – goth, glam rock, punk rock, and queer men have been doing it for even longer than old mate Snoop.

But its appearance into the world of rap, a music scene with an infamous misogynistic and homophobic streak (cough cough DaBaby, Eminem, Boosie Badazz, Busta Rhymes etc etc) is something of note because of its association with being a feminine feature.

Of course, trying to say that a rapper wearing nail polish is doing anything to solve the issues mentioned is literally slapping paint over gaping cracks. 

And Tyler The Creator himself is no saint in this regard either, having used homophobic slurs multiple times in his music.

Recently, however, the 30-year-old seems to be attempting to make amends or at least open up about his own personal struggles, including the possibility his own sexuality is more fluid.

On the album Flower Boy, there was the direct admission of Tyler’s sexual interactions with men. And never forget the infamous Tweet, where Tyler literally spoke about coming out.