Zegna x MRBAILEY Triple Stitch Sneaker.

Fact: sneakers are to men what handbags are to women and the announcement of a limited edition collab can expect the same kind of reaction a new Hermès Kelly, Prada Cleo or even a Telfar colourway might.

Thus, the announcement that Italian luxury label Zegna has partnered with legendary footwear designer Daniel Bailey to created a new iteration of their Triple Stitch sneaker will no doubt be sending sneakerphiles into a frenzy.

Alessandro Sartori and Daniel Bailey. Image: Zegna.

The founder of CONCEPTKICKS, better known as MRBAILEY, Daniel Bailey has become a byword for footwear that sits at the forefront of avant garde design. In his own words, CONCEPTKICKS and MRBAILEY by extension creates sneakers that possess a “balance of nature and technology”.

A philosophy shared by Zegna artistic director Alessandro Sartori and his vision for tailoring and his interest in the hybrid and phygital.

But to the sneaker…

First appearing on the feet of models during the Summer 2023 show in Trivero, the Triple Stitch MRBAILEY sneaker was created with tactile layers of suede and leather in black, white, grey and Zegna’s signature colour of vicuna.

The collab also features a carbonised inspired finish that draws from yakisugi, a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation but also takes on the appearance of crackling leather.

Zegna x MRBAILEY Triple Stitch sneaker.

Details pay homage to both Zegna and MRBAILEY aesthetics: a namesake triple-crossing detail that calls to the “triple X” hand-stitched crosses that appear in Zegna tailoring while a partial mesh lining and toggle call reference the experience of hiking the Oasi Zegna, where the 2023 runway collection took place.

The silhouette retains its intrinsic simplicity, a shoe that is both elevated yet casual.

“Collaborations need to be the result of creative minds and thinking together,” says Sartori in a statement on the collab.

“They must be based on a common vision, authentic conversations and most importantly mutual respect and trust….Together with MRBAILEY, we added a unique touch to the Triple Stitch, reimagining it in a new design while keeping its soul.”