Harry Styles. Tyler the Creator. Lil Nas X. Pharrell Williams. Shawn Mendes. You couldn’t ask for a better cheer squad for the new wave of men’s jewellery sweeping the market. One that leaves behind the bulky designs of the past for finer designs that involve everything from pearls to precious stones.

This new generation of style savants have set a standard for men’s accessories that’s refreshingly fun. 

Strings of pearls, diamond rings and plenty of other gems are making their way into the fingers, ears and chests of men.

In their most recent high jewellery collection Dive, Paspaley made a bid for the men’s market with a line of pearls and pendants inspired by the adventures of pearl diving. From sharks and tattoos to sunken treasures.

Credit to the team at MR PORTER too. Always quick off the mark when it comes tapping into the zeitgeist, the luxury style portal launched their first fine jewellery campaign earlier this year that has secured a selection of exclusive pieces to MR PORTER from brands such as Elhanati, Suzanne Kalan, Ole Lyngaarrd, Duffy Jewellery and LAUD.

As fashion becomes more genderless and old-fashioned boundaries declaring men must wear this while women wear that erode, old codes of menswear have been replaced with a more fluid approach to style.

MR PORTER’s Senior Buyer for Luxury Watches & Jewellery, Maxim De Turckheim says that the change has been gradual, but inevitable.

MR PORTER’s Senior Buyer for Luxury Watches & Jewellery, Maxim De Turckheim.

“As we’ve seen the evolving attitude towards masculinity in recent years, men become bolder in their fashion choices with the freedom and confidence to express their individuality,” De Turckheim tells ICON. 

“They want to make an impact and impression by experimenting with their jewellery, buying multi-coloured stones, diamond, and black gold pieces.”

Where jewellery for men looked more like spare nuts and bolts found on a mechanic’s bench than actual wearable pieces of design, MR PORTER has curated a balance between avant-garde and classic styles.

MR PORTER has tapped into the demand for jewellery that’s more refined for men. Image: MR PORTER

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings now resemble pieces of art created with exquisite detail and craftsmanship.

Standouts in the collection include Copenhagen-based jeweller Orit Elhanati, whose hand-crafted gold pieces are inspired by her memories and culture of Tel Aviv.

Beaten, textured surfaces and edges give the delicate glow of gold a rustic feel that makes the jewellery appear like an ancient artefact.

East London jeweller Duffy takes a bolder approach with statement pendants, including one 18 Karat yellow and white gold creation resplendent with a sapphire.

Elhanati ring. Image: MR PORTER.

“Our fine jewellery pieces are made with precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium or platinum, and they sometimes incorporate genuine gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds,” says De Turckheim.

“We look for a diverse range of jewellery brands from around the world who have a story to tell and specialise in beautifully handcrafted pieces using the highest quality materials. Giving our customers a curated edit from a range of jewellery types is key, for example Suzanne Kalan specializes in baguette diamonds and sliced gemstones while Carolina Bucci specializes in beaded bracelets using her precious and semi precious stones.”