When Jacob Elordi attended the most recent Venice Film Festival, his calibre of his fits were the stuff of legend. But it was one incidental accessory that caught our eye and what we haven’t been able to stop thinking about: his pocket watch.

In a blink and you’ll miss it scene, Elordi can be seen coming in to land on one of the many water taxis to one of the many media calls he attended for the launch of his Sofia Coppola directed Priscilla, in which he plays Elvis. As he docks he reaches into his pocket et voila, the pocket watch is revealed. No phones, just being in the moment.

So the fact that Hermès has just dropped their own version of this old world classic feels like it’s a sign…

Hermès, Jacob Elordi, pocket watch

Enter, the Slim d’Hermès a distinctive equestrian-themed pocket watch that showcases the art of horsehair marquetry and engraving.

The unique creation features a pair of noble horses, sculpted from braided horsehair and engraved in contrasting shades of rose gold, set within a white gold frame. The horses are elegantly displayed in the 45 mm round case with protruding lugs, representing the union of Hermès style and craftsmanship.

The Slim d’Hermès, designed by Philippe Delhotal in 2015, embodies the essence of Hermès – a blend of precision and artistic balance. Its clean, contemporary lines reflect the brand’s playful creativity.

Hermès, Jacob Elordi, pocket wach

The pocket watch’s cover and dial reinterpret the Masan & Masan silk scarf motif by Thai designer Terawat Teankaprasith, drawing inspiration from the ancient art of horsehair weaving known as “masan.” Skilled craftsmen meticulously select, cut, and weave different shades of horsehair to create intricate patterns. The engraver adds depth and detail to the second horse profile, using traditional burins and chisels.

This remarkable timepiece combines Hermès’ watchmaking and leather expertise and is equipped with the ultra-thin Manufacture H1950 mechanical self-winding movement. It is complemented by an alligator cord strap, accentuating its golden tones.

Props to Jacob Elordi for being a herald of change ahead of his time.