Omega, Seamaster
Aqua Terra Worldtimer, Aqua Terra 41mm. Image: Omega

It’s been 75 years since Omega unveiled their very first Seamaster timepiece and to mark the occasion, the Swiss watchmaker has unveiled a new series of the iconic watch. Eleven of them, to be precise.

Ranging from the classic simplicity of the Seamaster Aqua Terra to the stunning intricacy of the Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer GMT Worldtimer with its laser-etched detailing of planet’s oceans and continents, the 11-piece line-up stunningly showcases the broad church that is the Seamaster line.

Deep diving into the Seamaster’s legacy as a dive watch, the 75th anniversary collection is built around the brand’s connection to the ocean. Not just in name but in a new, detailed, aesthetic finish represented by a new colour gradient called Omega Summer Blue.

This anniversary shade, a nod to the Omega’s ongoing commitment to ocean conservation, serves a subtle functional purpose: the deeper the hue, the deeper the depths the watch was built for.

Omega, Seamaster

The darkest of the bunch, the 6000-metre Seamaster Ultra Deep also carries within it a nod to its record setting past: an etch of the Mariana Trench where it was worn during a record-setting dive back in 2019. Hold it up to a UV light and treat yourself to a small surprise hidden in the depths of the watch face…*

Behind the scenes – literally – Omega pays homage to the divine patron of the waters. In lieu of the traditional see-through caseback you’ll find solid steel with an engraving of the Greek god Poseidon with his trident held high, roaring out of the waves in his chariot led by seahorses.

Omega Seamaster

Unique tweaks to the designs – ceramic bezels on both 41mm Seamaster and 42mm Diver 300 for example – also mark the occasion while perhaps the most recognisable dive watch ever made by Omega, the 1200M PloProf (a portmanteau of Plongeur Professionnel that means professional diver in French) resurrects the OG design that made it famous: the hulking monobloc casing.

Omega Seamaster
The original Omega Seamaster.






*The words “Omega Was Here” will light up on the dial.