Without the strong calling of new age technology and the release of the latest iPhone, it’d be hard to remember that we’re living in 2018. The nostalgia game is strong this year, and with ’90s kids retracting back to their roots, and millennials more curious than ever, it’s companies like Sony that are cashing in hard.

The original brain child of the Playstation, the tech corporation is bringing back the ultimate OG in gaming. Released nearly 25 years ago, Sony has announced the return of the PS1 with some modern adjustments.

Dropping on December 3, the new rendition will be almost half the size of the original and will contain smaller controls and a HDMI cord for big-screen play. Keeping our childhoods alive, the latest “Playstation Classic” will also include pre-loaded “fan favourites” such as Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3, and Wild Arms – in its original format.

Other tech companies including Nokia and CAPCOM have already lead the way, with their own reboots of nostalgic favourites.

Retailing for $99 USD, stay glued to Sony’s website for more information on the Playstation Classic, come release day.